Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions in the Adoption Process

Can I receive financial assistance?

You may qualify to receive financial support. Your adoptive family may want to help pay for some of your living expenses that are related to your pregnancy (i.e., rent, food, maternity clothes, etc.) if state law permits.

What about the birth-father?

If the father of your baby knows that you are pregnant and is supportive of the adoption, he can be as involved in the process as you would like. If he is not supportive of the adoption, or if he is not supportive of you and your pregnancy, then we will provide you an attorney to explain what your legal options are.

Can I get counseling?

Yes, you can see a counselor of your choice or we can refer you to a counselor.

Does this cost ME anything?

There is no cost to you for the adoption.

I need to move out! Can you help me?

We may be able to help you if you need to relocate.

Can I choose the baby’s adoptive parents?

If you want to, you may choose the baby’s adoptive parents. Simply contact us and we will let you look through the profiles of the families we are helping.

What happens before the baby is born?

Once you choose a family and you are sure about them, you will have contact with them as often as you like before the baby is born. You will continue seeing your doctor and taking care of yourself. We will provide any assistance you need during this time such as transportation, help with medical services, etc.

What happens when I go into labor?

If you go into labor and have not selected a family yet, it is okay. You will need to contact us. We will have a family ready as soon as possible. The baby will not be without adoptive parents. Our staff will have already helped you make arrangements with the hospital. We will be with you at the hospital and all through your labor and delivery. If you live in a state other than Arkansas, we will have representatives in that state available to help you.

Will anyone find out about the adoption?

Grace Adoptions must abide by client confidentiality laws. If you do not want your family or friends to know, that is your choice. You may tell whoever you want, it is not up to us to do so. We will help you work through telling those close to you if you would like.

Where are you located?

Grace Adoptions is located at 1144 Clifton Street in Conway, Arkansas. We have clients all over Arkansas and in other states.

Do I need to meet with someone from your office?

Our staff will meet with you and help you work through everything related to your pregnancy and adoption plan. We can travel to wherever you are in Arkansas, meet in our offices, or arrange for representatives in other states to meet you. Whatever makes you the most comfortable.

Do I sign any documents?

Think very carefully before signing any paperwork. Make sure you know what you are signing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure you understand when you are legally able to sign the “consent forms”. In many states, these are not signed until after the birth of the baby. You will also want to know how much, if any, time you have to change your mind or “revoke your decision” once you have signed the consent forms. Get copies of everything you sign.

Do I need a lawyer or have to appear in court?

You most likely will not need a lawyer nor will you need to appear in court. However, Grace Adoptions can refer you to an attorney with a lot of experience in adoptions, at no cost to you.

What hours is your office available?

Grace Adoptions staff is always available. You can reach us at all times of the day or night through our toll-free number, 866-227-2767. We ask that you call in the middle of the night only during emergencies. Email us at

Send us a message. All emails are kept confidential and we do not sell, trade, or provide your information to anyone outside this agency without your express, written consent.

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