Birth Parents

There are two types of adoptions:

Confidential and Open


Confidential – The birth parents and the adoptive parents never know each other. Adoptive parents are given background information about you and the birth father that they would need to help them take care of the child, such as medical information.


Open – The birth parents and the adoptive parents know something about each other.

There are different levels of openness

Least Open

You will read about several possible adoptive families and pick the one that sounds best for your baby. You will not know each others full names. You might meet and talk on the phone during your pregnancy. There may or may not be contact through Grace Adoptions after the adoption.

More Open

You will meet the adoptive family. Grace Adoptions staff will arrange the meeting at the adoption agency or attorney’s office. You may meet with the adoptive family several times during your pregnancy and they will be at the hospital during labor and delivery. They will send pictures periodically to Grace Adoptions and we will forward them to you.

Most Open

You and the adoptive parents share your full names, addresses, and telephone numbers. You stay in contact with the family and your child over the years, by visiting, calling, or writing each other.

As you can see, the levels of openness are as varied as the parties to the adoption want them to be.  Grace Adoptions will help you with the decision process regarding what is the best type of adoption for you.

Pregnant and Considering Adoption?

Should I Place My Child for Adoption?

The decision to place a child for adoption is a difficult one. It is an act of great courage and much love. Remember, adoption is permanent. The adoptive parents will raise your child and have legal authority for his or her welfare. You need to think about these questions as you make your decision. You are not “giving your child up.” You are “giving your child MORE.”

Have I explored all possibilities?

Pregnancy can affect your feelings and emotions. Are you only thinking about adoption because you have money problems, or because your living situation is difficult? These problems might be temporary. Have you called Social Services to see what they can do, or asked friends and family if they can help? If you have done these things and still want to make an adoption plan, you will feel more content with your decision.

Will the adoptive parents take good care of my child?

Prospective adoptive parents are carefully screened and give a great deal of information about themselves. They are visited in their home several times by a social worker and must provide personal references. They are taught about the special nature of adoptive parenting before an adoption takes place. By the time an agency has approved adoptive parents for placement, they have gotten to know them very well and feel confident they would make good parents.

Will my child wonder why l placed him (or her) for adoption?

Probably. But adoption in the 21st century is a lot different from what it used to be like. Most adopted adults realize that their birth parents placed them for adoption out of love and because it was the best decision for the child. Your child will come to realize that a lot of his or her wonderful traits come from you. And if you have an open adoption it is likely that you will be able to explain to the child why you chose adoption.

Why AM l placing my child for adoption?

Some questions to consider are: Do you want to help decide who adopts your child? Would you mind if a single person adopted your child, or a couple of a different race than you? Do you, or you and your partner think this is best for the baby? Do you have a good support system to help with the emotions you’ll feel after the adoption?

Now it is time to move forward.

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