Home Study

Specific requirements for home studies vary by state and agency, so be sure to ask for a list of the items and information your agency needs. Grace Adoptions requires you to provide the following documents that are attached to your home study narrative.

What We Require

  • Photo identification
  • A certified copy of your marriage license
  • A certified copy of each adoptive parent’s birth certificate
  • A complete health exam for each person in the family
  • Criminal background checks for each person over 16 years of age in the family (For domestic adoptions, an FBI check is required if you have been an Arkansas resident less than six years – we provide the forms)
  • Child maltreatment checks for each person over 10 years of age in the family (we provide the forms)
  • A copy of your most recent tax return
  • A letter from your employer verifying employment
  • Three personal character references from people who are not related to you

Questions you may be asked

The state of Arkansas specifically requires the following areas to be addressed in the home study:

  • Background and identifying information.
  • The family’s motivation for adoption and the desired characteristics of the child or children to be adopted.
  • Each family members’ attitudes toward adoption.
  • Attitudes of the applicants toward the birth parent(s), include parent search issues.
  • Resolution of any infertility issues.
  • The mental health, emotional stability, and maturity of the applicants.
  • The physical health of all household members.
  • The financial status and stability of the family, including verification of income/employment.
  • At least three (3) confidential personal references on the family.
  • The family’s ability to cope with stress, loss, and crisis.
  • Adjustment and well-being of any minors residing in the home.
  • The family’s child-caring skills and willingness to acquire additional skills.
  • The family’s discipline practices.
  • Religious affiliation.
  • A description of the home, its location, and its environment.
  • An assessment of the safety of the home, including water hazards, firearm safety, and dangerous pets.
  • A statement from the adoptive parents that they have or have not been denied approval as an adoptive home in the past, and if so, why?
  • The results from the criminal record checks and child maltreatment central registry checks.
  • The stability of the adoptive family and their marriage.
  • A recommendation is made by the social worker regarding adoption, including the age, sex, characteristics, and special needs of children best served by this family.

During home study meetings, you can expect to answer questions about your background, education, job history, marriage, leisure activities, religion, and your experiences with children.  Also, each adoptive applicant will need to write an autobiography.

In Arkansas, as in most states, only Licensed Certified Social Workers (LCSW), or Licensed Social Workers (LSW) who are supervised by an LCSW, are legally empowered to conduct and prepare home studies.


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